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[[User:User:Maurinoweb, Marco Spaccialbelli|User:Maurinoweb, Marco Spaccialbelli]]
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MakeRoll is a universal, easy and adjustable system for scrolling spool in 3d printing fff / fdm.

The system is compact and uses openbuilds profiles, bearings, nuts, bolts and printed parts.

With MakeRoll you can use spools of 250 grams up to 4 kilos only with simple and few steps, you can put it in a box or make a filament cabinet. The distance between the spools is only 15mm. The position of the spools is easily changed without using any tools, the system is adaptable to the diameter and width of the spools... the printed parts do a lot of work for us ;-) We recommend a maximum width of 100cm.

MakeRoll has an integrated dust filter for each spool, and is removable without removing the filament. Work on filaments 1.75mm and 2.85mm.

For now MakeRoll works with most of the filaments on the market, if there were any filaments that are not compatible with MakeRoll, please report it, thanks.

MakeRoll is a RepRap project born in by MaurinoWeb and Marco Spaccialbelli.

Watch the video to understand.... YouTube

The project is hosted in Github

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