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Makerfarm Prusa i3(v)

Release status: working

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Categories Makerfarm XZ-head
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Z-rods need to be oiled, preferably with a PTFE-based lubricant. The i3v's aluminum extrusions DO NOT need to be oiled.


Worthwhile Modifications

Auto Bed Leveling

Dual Extrusion

Hardware Information

Replacement Parts


Extruder Clicking

  • hexagon fan not running (heat travels up the filament increasing friction for the whole hotend instead of just the nozzle)
  • stepper motor too hot (loses torque)
  • stepper driver pot set too low (less torque)
  • extruder steps/mm incorrect (try to push too much filament)
  • idle springs/screws not tight enough to grip the filament
  • print temp (I've printed PLA at 195, I doubt you need to go higher than 210)
  • print speed (have to push more filament per second the faster you move the head)