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Manga Screen

Release status: Working

Description Capacitive touch LCD
License CC BY-NC-SA
Author Elias Bakken
Based-on Delta
Categories Electronics interface with display
CAD Models none
External Link [1]


Manga Screen is a high resolution LCD screen with a capacitive multitouch interface. Power and touch functionality is interfaced through USB and signal and EDID is transferred through HDMI. It was originaly devloped as an interface to go together with [Replicape] and BeagleBone Black, but has been shown to work with Raspberry Pi[2] and Arduino Tre [3]. For use with 3D-printers, Toggle is the preferred user interface, but it is still in it's infancy. Pronterface has also been shown to work, but is not ideal for such a small screen.


Parameter Description
LCD type 4.3" 480x800 16 bit color LCD
LCD interface HDMI and USB
Control Capacitive touch
Push button None
Connection HDMI Type D and USB Mini

How to make one

Here is the latest step-by-step solder guide:

Hardware files