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So many people struggle to find good sources for their RepRap. When you get done putting together your RepRap, call out your sources here, and give us a picture of your baby. Especially if a member of the community provided your RP parts!

TianChang's 1st RepRap Mendel (Sells)

Tian Chang's 1st Reprap Mendel Sells

-RP Parts: from Nophead. Critical parts like gears, pulleys was printed on Hydraraptor. $500 (in May 2010) w/ shipping to Singapore. I testify to the good quality of his prints.

- Techzone: Gen3. Came with cables, headers and pins but I couldn't figure out how to use them. Ended up using my own. H-bridges pain in the a**, ended up with stepper bypass method.

- Firmware / Slicing / Software: MB v2 / Skeinforge 35 / RepG + Rapid Reversalify + RPMify . I am able to reverse my extruder, albeit with less control settings compared to offical RepRap Java software.

- Rods + Studdings: 'A1' Steel. USE lubricant while cutting. WD40 or what have you.

- Vitamins: ordered from RS Singapore. Expensive way. Will be cheaper if I did some leg work and recon the industrial parks.

- Bed: I went from: 1) Official design. Not heated bed friendly => 2) Glass Bed. I removed the entire top MDF piece and left 3 small rectangular pieces of MDF at each corner, cut my glass to right size, placed on my MDF mountings, secured with bulldog paper clips. Using glass as bed structure and secondary print surface. local sourced parts.

- Springs: from Singapore Springs.

- Adrian's Extruder: Nice uncle from CNC shop helped me to fashion (for free) an improvised version of the M4 insert out of 8mm dia brass rod. Did diamond knurl pattern on it, M4 internal thread. In my opinion, this is not better than a hobbed bolt but the best I could get.

- Improved Adrain's Extruder Nozzle design form Brian Reifsnyder, ~$40 bucks: nozzle, PTFE, PEEK block, virteous resistor, heater core.

SpacexULA White Prusa $430 Out of Pocket

Prusa White Spacexula's 1st Operational Reprap

-RP Parts - Self sourced off Makerbot Cupcake with heavy modification with Makergear compoents. "free"

-Electronics - 1 set of Gen6 electronics with optos from $200 ($25 shipping)

-Motors - 4 stepper motors from $65 1 stepper from Alltronics $12 ($10 shipping)

-Belts - 8 feet of belting from McMaster carr #7959K24 $15

-Bronze Bushings 16 5/16 ID 7/16 OD by 1/2 inch 6391k163 $9 (in the future I will likely be using 3/8 inch bushings 6391k162$7.50 I had to drill it out to 8.1 mm to get it to slide well.

-Hobbed bolt from Eckerteck for $10 (I know I could have done it myself, I mess up a few and decided to go with a made one :) )

-Hot end components from Makergear. I got the .35 hybrid groove mount $70

-Bearings 10 pack of 608 skate board bearings from Exodus local skate shop $6 (only used 3 of them, so $2 for this project

-Acryic 1/4 inch 24x24 scrap sheet from Triad Plastic $5

-Wood 1/4 24x48 inch birch plywood from Home Depot $7

-3 sticks 5/16 Drill rod from Fastenal $14

-Hardware All the threaded Rod, fasteners, Salem Fasteners$39

Further reading

  • Mendel Buyers Guide and Mendel materials procurement and PartsSupplies and has information on where to buy parts for a Mendel, organized a different way.
  • Many people write a "build blog" that documents how they built their own specific RepRap or RepStrap. A few of those people post a build blog on "user pages" on this wiki; most of them post on some other blog site, and many of those external blogs are aggregated at Planet RepRap.