Mendel heated room

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Mendel heated room

Release status: Experimental

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Mendel MDF heated room
CAD Models
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NopHead built and documented the first Mendel heated room.

Surprisingly, there is no separate heater required to keep the interior air at 40°C or even 50°C. The box holds in the heat from the Heated Bed and the extruder. Currently, the box is left open a crack, and a fan is turned on when the temperature hits 40°C to try to keep the temperature *down* at 40°C.

Open questions

How big does the heated room need to be for a Mendel -- including the maximum extension in both directions of x,y,z ?

Would it help to mount the electronics on the outside or under the heated room? Could the temperature be raised even higher then?

Would it help to mount the extruder motor outside the heated room -- Bowden extruder? Could the temperature be raised even higher then?

What part of the system limits the maximum air temperature?

Even if we *could* raise the temperature even higher, does that really improve anything?

How much less power does a Mendel use inside the hot box rather than outside the hot box? I.e., how much progress have we made towards the "60 watts" mentioned in the Gada Prize contest?

How does this rigid room compare to the non-rigid "turkey bag" setup? Does it make any sense to *both* have an inner turkey bag *and* have an outer rigid heated room?