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Mixtape Mendel

Release status: experimental

Prusa/Sells Mendel Based
CAD Models
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Mixtape Mendel is designed from the ground up to be as parametric as possible. It is inspired by the work of many people, hence the name Mixtape. Current development is being done in the github repository. The current focus is on a complete version 0.3 release. It is designed to increase the availability of RepRaps. We want to let the RP be built to your needs. To do so, it is important to keep everything as parametric as possible. It is unique, because the RP parts generated are contingent upon selected vitamins, rather than the existing situation. This means a user can fit the printer to what vitamins are readily available in their local economy. Doing so we could make a much more third world friendly 3D printer.


Version 0.2x

The version 0.2x model is designed to push the limits of what can be done with parametric modeling. It is made in the Mendel and Prusa Mendel's image. It only exists in the history of the git repository. It was not a user friendly design.

Version 0.30

Reboot in August 2011. It is currently being (re)developed, and has not reached a release package. Tagged releases will be posted to the reprap-dev mailing list.

Development Road Map/History

Version 0.1 (Unreleased)

  • Was a rough mockup for ideas and geometry (Well documented in the blog).

Version 0.2 Prototype (Complete, Printing)

  • All designs completed

Version 0.20 (Unreleased, development rolled into version 0.3)

  • Cartesian platform (complete)

Version 0.30 (Current Development)

  • Linear Bearings
  • No Tapping
  • Various Improvements
  • PLA bushing, pulley script, vertex feet, endstop support necessary for release.
  • Will follow an Alpha, Beta, RC, Release sequence, future releases will be stable and development.

Version 0.3x (Future Development)

  • Echoed rod lengths
  • Generate assembly view so people can browse
  • Printable lower Y carriage
  • Printable cross supports

Mendel Instructions

RP (Rapid Prototype) Parts

bar-clamp (6)

vertex (2 regular, 2 mirrored)

top-piece (2)

Hardware (incomplete)

M8 Nuts - 48

608 Bearings - 2

M3x10mm - 12

M3x12mm - 4

M4 set screws - 4

Smooth Rod





Threaded Rod

333mm x 8

360mm X 2

420mm x 2

230mm x 2 Cutting from 1m lengths...

1: 333mm, 333mm, 333mm

2: 333mm, 333mm, 333mm

3: 333mm, 333mm, 230mm

4: 420mm, 420mm

5: 360mm, 360mm, 230mm


260mmx140mm (Lower bed)

260mmx230mm (Print bed)

Huxley Instructions


Google Science Fair Report

Mixtape Mendel Blog

GitHub Source