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Fab@Home and RepRap Multiple Material File Format

We are getting together with the Fab@Home team to try and establish a common standard for multiple material data exchange.

To print objects using multiple materials we need also to represent objects made by more than one material. This page sets out and discusses the file-format definitions for that. Our preliminary approach is to create a hybrid file that contains one STL for each material type. There is also a legend in the file that tells which STL is which material, and where it is positioned.

RepRap/Fab@Home Object Format v0.1

The file type extension is: .rfo
The mime type should be: model/reprap-fab-at-home-object

The file itself is a .zip file, that contains the following files: legend.xml and any required STL and CSG files.

See here for file format details: File:MultipleMaterialsFiles-legend.xml

-- Main.AdrianBowyer - 09 Aug 2007

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