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Release status: Working

Description Arduino Nano based modular RepRap electronics.
License Unknown
Author rad
Based-on RAMPS
Categories Electronics
CAD Models none
External Link none

This is a low cost board to drive one extruder 3D printer from Russia.

I have called it "NanoHeart" because of it is small enough and is driven by Arduino Nano board.

Use it with Teacup Firmware. I have committed the configuration file to support this board.

Current version of PCB is v1.1.

Note: We put emphasis on Open Source here, so we'd like to see an editable schematics and board layout file. If it was done with a proprietary application, PDFs. "Sources sufficient to make a copy" counts. --Traumflug (talk) 10:19, 17 August 2015 (PDT)

Just ask for sources on [email protected]

More info on


It supports:

  • 4 step motors like NEMA17 using A4988, DRV8825, or TMC2100 stepstics;
  • 12V 5A channel for hotend;
  • 12V 11A channel for hotbed;
  • Two termistor inputs;
  • Three endstop inputs (be careful on connecting);
  • 5V I2C expandable connector;
  • 5V TX/RX UART connector.

Changes against v1.0 are:

  • changed tantalum electrolytic capacitors to aluminum ones, renamed resitors, optimized some wires;
  • added TX/RX connector;
  • added EXTernal power jumper;
  • added optional PWR3v3 connector;
  • added optional N-FET BSS138 & resistor placeholder with connector for cooling fan.



Nanoheart-connection.jpg Nanoconnect-en.jpg

Patch for Ciclop 3D scanner Firmware v.1.0 Ciclop@nanoheart01.JPG




It was tested on my Mendel90

Any questions on Skype: rpopovExample.jpeg