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It's a WIP project. Contact me for offering help , questions etc


Provide a smart , small and cheap board for actuators / sensors / in automation and robotic context . Small units could be easily integrate in robotic_arm , little robot like swarmbot , sensors projects like CARACA ... more on robotic


  • Smart , using CAN network and industrial quality software , to create a distributed network. see CANopen for software.
  • Use 12-bit High Speed PSC for high speed brushless DC motor applications
  • cheap and small :
    • small , when size does matter
    • no electronic parts to program/debug as Arduino mini pro , Lilypad Arduino ... use a CAN bootloader ( or a programmer )
    • no switch to set Node-ID , use LSS fastscan ( or set it with the programmer )

Work In Progress

At this time , I do the electronic board. Help is welcome for firmware, website host software.

Schematics are made in Kicad

Proposal design

Use an AtMega from automotive serie as the ATmega64C1 with a CAN transceiver or just a DIP connector to let user choose his transceiver. This serie is a kind of mix between AT90CAN serie for CAN bus and AT90PWM serie with power stage controller.


look AVR section.

relative commercial products

MCU considerations

Atmel AVR ( see CAN_AVR ) or others products if AVR are not suitable for our constraints. Good alternative could be AT89x microcontrollers based on the 8051 architecture, industrial standard.

  • TMS320C2000

OS considerations

Perharps we need realtime thread support so FreeRTOS could be a good option. octrium use CanFestival and FreeRTOS on their product but don't release their sources. useful topics :