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Small Self-Replicating CNC Router
CAD Models
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ORE-Bot Side View


"ORE" stands for [Ottawa Robotics Enthusiasts]!


ORE-Bot is a bit of a grind to machine and build. We need a more mature and easier to build design in the wiki!

ORE-Bot as RepRap

Using a milling bit, this machine may be to make its own parts out of aluminum, and thus be a RepRap as well as a RepStrap.

This is at the "Proposed" stage, we haven't tried it yet. Should work.  :D

We know it will be able to print Mendels using Wade's_Geared_Extruder.

ORE-Bot as PourStrap

This is also a good candidate to be a PourStrap, a RepRap made from molds filled with Epoxy-Granite. It might then cut molds out of acrylic sheet and thus make more PourStraps ...

ORE-Bot as CNC-Router

ORE-Bot was designed to be a light-duty CNC Router for printed circuit boards.

Cutting and Pasting!

Using a subtractive tool and an additive tool, ORE-Bot may be capable of Shape_Deposition_Manufacturing.


If we do up a metric version of ORE-Bot, it will be at Metric ORE-Bot.

A few CAD Files

These CAD files only open in [CAMBAM].

We may want to use CAMBAM to export DXF files of this if there is demand. 
--Sebastien Bailard 21:57, 8 September 2010 (UTC)



The base is about 90% completed. The table needs several coats of varnish. The leadscrew isn't quite straight and will need some work.

The gantry needs holes for the bushings. 90% completed.

The carriage needs holes for the bushings. Also, the top and bottom plates need to be milled.

All 3 stepper motors need to be mounted.

ORE-Bot Carriage.

ORE-Bot Assembled Carriage.

ORE-Bot Top View.


Parts Base

  • rods - qty:2, stainless steel, 0.750", 15", ends drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 screws
  • ACME leadscrew - steel, 0.500", 10 TPI
  • bearing
  • front bar - MDF, 0.750"
  • rear bar - MDF, 0.750"
  • table - MDF, 0.750"


Y assembly

  • cross bars - qty:2, aluminum, 0.5" x 1.25" x 12.6"
  • bushings - qty:4, bearing bronze, 0.875" OD, 0.755" ID
  • leadscrew nut - brass
  • side bars - qty:2, aluminum, 0.5" x 3" x 10"
  • rods - qty:2, stainless steel, 0.500", 12.600", ends drilled and tapped for 1/4-20 screws
  • ACME leadscrew - steel, 0.500", 10 TPI
  • bearing

Alternative (Recommended)

Carriage (X axis assembly)

  • side bars - qty:2,
  • bushings - qty:4,
  • leadscrew nut
  • top plate
  • bottom plate
  • rods
  • ACME leadscrew
  • bearing

Z Axis Assembly

  • cross bars
  • bushings-qty:4
  • leadscrew nut
  • Dremel tool mounting bar
  • lower Dremel tool mounting bracket
  • upper Dremel tool mounting bracket