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Working Notes

"There are security restrictions on this article" is user-hostile language.

We need to create a mediawiki extension: "Patch"

Patch will encapsulate our current mediawiki extension which enables author-triggered lockdown of pages, called LetMeCheckMyNotesAndFixThis

What "Patch" Does

User Experience: A permitted user/author sees
at the top of the page. Both the "edit" and "patch" links work.

A non-permitted user gets a sees
at the top of the page. "patch" works. "edit" redirects to patch with a _friendly_ explanation.


The "patch" button on Extruder creates Extruder/Patch137 if there are already 136 patches.

The "patch" button on Extruder/Patch3 creates Extruder/Patch141 if there are already 140 patches.


Patches is our system that allows users to patch working documentation and objects files.

We need the 'edit' tab to read 'edit/patch'. If there are editing restrictions on the page 'Extruder4' in place because it is active docmentation, when the user clicks 'edit', it loads 'patch', tells them they are working on a patch, not the original, and then they can submit their improvement without breaking the working live version. This is more elegant and more powerful than just using the builders section of the wiki.


The hardware build environment for RepRap is currently more complicated than just installing 'gcc' and typing 'make RepRap'.

Further reading