Peristaltic Dual Chamber Pump

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Release status: experimental

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Description Dual Chamber Paristaltic Pump to extrude pastes.
License GPL
Author bmorgret
Based-on Mendel
Categories ExtrudersPaste Extruders
CAD Models none
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Peristaltic pumps have been designed to extrude pastes, but they have a flaw in that they pulse. One solution that should remove most of the pulsing is to design a dual chamber pump with the pinch wheels 180 degrees out of phase.


The current design is a parametric design in OpenScad. I am designing to use the 608 skate bearings as pinch wheels, standard silicon fish tank tubing and a Nema 17 stepper motor with the herringbone gear set.


The design work is about 70% done, but there are still significant hurdles. More to come.

If you have any helpful guidance, your comments would be welcome.