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  • Why is 3D printing such a powerful way to make solid objects(英語) - 「3Dプリンタは新たな産業革命」だとする記事が多くあるが、本当だろうか。ここにAdrianによる3Dプリンタが本当に特別な理由を記した記事があります。 It would be very interesting to see if the mainstream media that go on about 3D printing is grown up enough to put this mathematcs (which is quite easy to understand) in print. Add links here if they do: ...


Hilariously a bunch of intelligent design loonies have latched onto RepRap in the forlorn hope that it will boost their cause. In one or two places they approach (but don't quite hit) the argument, "Adrian Bowyer designed a self-replicating machine. Adrian Bowyer is intelligent*. Therefore all self-replicating machines need an intelligent designer." They have clearly never heard of the fallacy of propositional logic called affirming the consequent.

  • An unestablished conjecture...

-- Main.AdrianBowyer - 26 Jul 2006