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Crystal Clear action run.png

Release status: experimental


Description Wallace is a parametric version of the Printrbot design.
License GPL
Author R2C2_RepRap_Electronics
CAD Models none
External Link none prototype

The next pictures and video are from Casainho, from his prototype called Most printed parts and information is from Wallace designed from Whosawhatsis.

Video showing first prints on 2011.12.31, drived by R2C2(recorded on 2011.12.31 by Casainho):

<videoflash>Igdbltngic0</videoflash> Video showing R2C2 driving at 150mm/s and 3500mm/s^2 (recorded on 2011.12.25):

There are some errors/problems on that pictures and later they will be exchanged with ones from the final working

<flickr>6571333687|left</flickr> <flickr>6571333681|left</flickr> <flickr>6571333673|left</flickr>