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RepRap Below-The-Knee Prosthetic

User: 5yo girl in a megaslum Costs: <100USD

RepRap Robo-One

and other robotic proposals

RepRap Harry, the robot quadraped

RepRap Object Library


RBS, the RepRap Modular Building System

RepRap Laser Scanning

Also RWB/Hand Scanner. Also David Project.

RepRap Hybrid Fabrication


See Useful Software Packages and Software Tools for a variety of open-source CAD tools.


  • Identify Problem
  • Optional: Create Working Group of advisors. (Difficulty: No Talking-Shops)
  • Identify Domain Expert with proven ability to get things done: "Bob"
  • Secure Funding to donate RepRap: RepRap Research Foundation funds, PayPal, etc.
  • Bob uses RepRap to design solution, demonstrates, puts on RepRap wiki under GPL.
  • Use RepRaps to make solution, deploy 1000 examples.
  • Agitprop: after deploying working examples.

Generic Proposal Outline