Pros & Cons of two guns design

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Second electron gun for SEM postiioned close to the sample with mechanical XY positioning

What additional time is added when using two guns?

Given Electricity is 2kwh per hour .5Euro/hr

Single gun manufacturing times of Part A was 2480 min 1.7 days part B 248 min 4 hrs

Two gun design with SEM electron Gun with XY mechanical movement manufacturing part A 2866 min 2.0 days B 287 min 4.8 hrs ( max speed of movement of 0.3m per second)

So 15 percent longer manufacturing time as well as 2 extra motors ( one vacuum tolerant / expensive ) and extra position sensors and extra computer processing putting the patches together as one image. But advantage of normal sized PIN diode sensors for SEM in back-scatter mode as sensors only 0.1m from sample like a traditional SEM rather than 1m distance from sample a new situation ( see further walk through for detailed calculation).