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Puzzles made by the public. They can be various sizes & shapes, one trickier than the other. More will come.

The Petaminx [1]

Assembly Instructions

You have to find out for yourself. Its a puzzle after all...


Name of Puzzle Builder Size of Puzzle (mm) Assembly instructions Difficulty (1 = easy, 10 = impossible) Filename FileSize Comments
Puzzle 5x5x5 Mr. Seeker 50 x 50 x 50 Not online 3 File:Puzzle5x5x5.stl 148 KB Not printed & fieldtested yet


Puzzle 5x5x5 is not yet tested for possible bugs (like pieces that cant fit together when reprapped). I have tried everything to ensure that the pieces can be put together in simulation, but since I dont own a reprap yet I cant tell for sure that the reprapped piece can do the same. -- Mr. Seeker 10 Feb. 2009