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The Quatro board is an entry CNC board for smaller motors that have 6 wires. it has 4 axis, and can run reliably at 12v.

You can use a limit switch to home z, but the setup currently is for a manual homing.

This setting is not recommended and experimental but firmware exists to run it. pin mapping needs to be made to constants and are still defined in the coding. and a few other changes may be needed. It will work out of the box though if you load this firmware.


The firmware needs to be uploaded using another arduino as a programmer, or jtag. programming is done thru the spi adapter. also firmware runs on internal rc clock and at 8mhz. Also rc will need proper tuning in order for it to work correctly. mine communicates at 115200 without isue. It uses sprinter firmware, and the chip on board is a 328 atmel processor. Also plays around with motor timings to reduce and increase power of motor output.

Also limit switches are not used for limit switches. what happens is power is reduced for homing and the motor just stops at its home position. There are 10 power levels. Code is not quite finished but good enough for demo and use of quatro.

There are 4 limit switches wired up. They are used for power output to relay for heater, and for analog i/o

#define HEATER_0_PIN        3 //limit switch 1 used for going to transistor then to relay.

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Quatro pin out and manual:

Files included with quatro board:

Firmware sprinter that runs the quatro board:

Here is the pinout using this sprinter firmware.