RAMPS Interface Board

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Release status: Experimental

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Description RAMPS Interface Board for Arduino Due
License GPL
Author bobc
Contributors Adriano D'Elia
Based-on Ramps
Categories Electronics
External Link github


The RAMPS Interface Board (RIB) is designed to sit between Due and RAMPS to perform level-shifting, and any other needed functions.

Source Files

Source files are hosted at github. Schematic for v0.1

Version 0.1


A prototype has been built, but there are some major issues:

  • gate drivers are not suitable
  • The surface mount connectors are quite expensive

This project has been shelved in favour of RAMPS-FD which is compatible with Due and Mega, and has more features than RAMPS and can take advantage of the increased performance of the Due.


  • 3.3V/5V level translations for endstops and UART TX/RX
  • gate drivers for RAMPS MOSFETs


  • The analog inputs need to be routed to different pins on the Due, as it has less analog channels than Mega (not sure this is correct!)