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RDB Build Documentation
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RDB Reprap Development Board

Release status: experimental

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Generic development board extension for 3D printing
CAD Models
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Features Overview

This board is meant to take GPIO wires from the development board and provide support components for pololu stepper drivers.As the logic voltage regulator is continuously adjustable, the board can work at a logic voltage of 5v or 3.3v or else. Board features:

-Voltage regulator: 1 (adjustable, for logic level)

-Headers to accomodate pololu drivers: 5

-Pcb size: two types of routing, 42x215mm (inline) and the other more compact 112x80mm

-optimized for DIY: single sided, no bridges, clearance 0.5mm, min track width 1.5mm, format and traces "bulky" enough so board could be made with any technique.

Power input

  • simple reverse polarity protection with high current diode and fuse
  • transient supressor
  • max input voltage depends on the regulators used

Voltage regulator

  • one continuously adjustable voltage regulator
  • multiturn adjustment pots (3296Y)
  • voltage regulator 3 terminal type, TO-220 package, e.g.: LM317, or adj versions of LM1086, LD1117, and similar pin to pin compatibility (facing TO220: adj-Vout-Vin).
  • logic voltage regulator for the board and should be set accordingly: 5v or 3.3v, ideally this should be set to match closely the development board's logic voltage
  • only A4988 carrier boards require voltage regulator, the DRV8825 have their own logic compatible with both 3.3v and 5v levels.

Stepper drivers

  • This board is meant to support pololu carrier stepper drivers, currently using A4988 or DRV8825 stepper driver ICs
  • For further documentation on pololu drivers is available on pololu website and Pololu_stepper_driver_board and other places
  • May work with similar drivers which share this footprint
  • Each driver has a connector with Step/Dir/Enable
  • Enable default state (when undriven): driver carriers make enable low, to keep outputs always on. Board provides a jumper to set enable high, so outputs will be off by default, and then enable line needs to be actively driven low. This is a more conservative approach.
  • Outputs have 4 leds to indicate coil state.

Source files

Nr. of steppers Size (mm) Comments Layout pdf Schematic pdf Kicad zip Version Last updated
5 42*215 narrow and long inline sch download source 001a 2013 May
5 80*112 more compact v2h3 same as above brd file in the above 001a 2013 May