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Color: Wood
Extruder: ?
Temperature: ?

On this page you will find the current status of the Unit M Mondo. Our Mendel Unit is a Techzone laser-cut Mondo. So far, we have replaced the extruder (11/8/12) since the Techzone wooden extruder used springs to tension the idler. The new extruder improves this by using two bolts to tighten the idler. Update: (11/29/12) optical endstops were replaced with mechanical endstops and firmware was upgraded. An overhead filament holder was added to keep the filament from tangling on the table. Eventually the plan is to use this large unit with a dual extruder. Much more information can be found at RUG/Pennsylvania/State_College/Dual_Extruder


Date Modification / Problem
09/04/2013 Research needs to be done on how to scan the bed and introduce this data in Slic3r
09/04/2013 Mondo needs a new extruder

Operating Specifications

Design Mondo
Electronics RAMPS
Firmware Marlin


Mondo Firmware Settings

Axis Steps per Unit
X Axis Y Axis Z Axis Extruder
82.534 92.831 6442.4 645

These settings are most likely wrong. They allowed correct movements of ~10cm. When smaller movements are attempted, the distances were wrong. More work needs to be done to find the mechanical issues causing this.

Slic3r Configuration File

Here is our current configuration file for the PSU Mondo: File:Mondoconfig.txt

Build Status

The Mondo is not operational. The aluminum print bed has been removed to be replaced by a polycarbonate print bed. The y axis drive motor was moved closer to the center of the printer to lessen forces that cause the print bed to rotate slightly during printing. The Y axis carriage is being redesigned to replace the original wooden version.


  • Bed shakes a lot during y-axis movement
  • Mechanical issues are causing stretched/squished prints in both x and y directions

What needs to be done:

  • Replace the warped metal print bed with a polycarbonate version to reduce weight and have a flat print surface.
    • The polycarbonate print bed has been cut.
    • The wooden y-axis carriage needs to be replaced with a variation of the OpenY carriage.
  • A large print has yet to be attempted. One of benefits of the Mondo is it can print large objects, wide, long and tall. Attempt a large print to see how the Mondo deals with it.
  • The Mondo is the prime choice to have a dual extruder. The extra vertical space will definitely come in handy.

What has been done:

  • Frame assembly
  • Electronics installation
  • Replaced Thermistor with Thermocouple
  • Adjusted Steps/mm
  • Adjusted baud rate to in Marlin to 115200
  • Tuning of Motor steps/mm
  • Installed new Extruder
  • Replaced optical endstops with mechanical
  • Installed overhead filament holder.

Mostly up and Working, small adjustments may be needed.

What needs to be done: Fine tuning of Slic3r settings (Mondo Slic3r configuration file is on the new HP computer in the corner). Some motor belt adjustment may be required. Exact bed size to be determined.

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