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  • Print a quadcopter body and have it fly with human input.
  • Get electronics to make quadcopter semi-autonomous.
    • Create our own controller using an arduino and various sensors.
  • Create our own design for a quadcopter body.
  • Create printed add-ons to allow the quadcopter to have more functionality.
    • Holder for a second battery or a larger battery for a longer flight time.
    • Small speaker(s) and a way to play sounds or receive from a transmitter.
    • Camera for POV drone videos.
    • Claw or similar gripper to drop pamphlets about drones to spread interest.


The initial design will be using the open source Micro Quadcopter R2 by PolakiumEngineering. The design uses ten printed parts, some RC hobby electronics, and a flight controller. Some of the printed parts are very large and flat, so extra caution should be taken to prevent warping during printing. The two sets of arms should be printed in two different colors. This is to allow the pilot to tell which way the drone is facing. PolakiumEngineering printed his drone in ABS and uses CA Glue to affix the parts together. Since we will be printing in PLA, we will need to test the frame to make sure it can handle the stresses since PLA doesn't have the same flexibility as ABS.

Bill of Materials

Warning!!!: I would highly recommend not ordering parts from HobbyKing. We ordered parts in February 2013 and still have not received them as of late April 2013.

Microcopter Parts
Item Price Quantity Total
Turnigy 2900KV Brushless Outrunner $10.41 4 $41.64
Turnigy Plush 6A ESCs $7.98 4 $31.92
5030 CW & CCW Props $3.45 1 $3.45
1000mAh 2S NanoTech LiPo $6.70 1 $6.70
Turnigy balancer & Charger 2S-3S $4.49 1 $4.49
KK2.0 LCD Flight Controller or similar with 45mm hole spacing $29.99 1 $22.99
6Ch Tx & Rx Mode 2 $27.75 1 $27.75
Total $138.94

Additional Parts
Item Price Use
Male XT60 connectors $1.87 To connect the ESC to the battery.
USBasp AVR Programming Device $4.95 To update software or make your own custom software.
APM 2.5 Kit $159.99 Allow autonomous drone flight. Since it is open source, we should try to create our own version.

Further reading