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Proposed Changes to OHM Architecture

  • Instead of printing separate arms and cross bar mounts and using a threaded rod for the Open Y, combine parts into a single plastic saddle that can be printed so that there is less flexing and tolerance issues. Undercarriage brackets would still need to be printed as separate parts (maybe). The belt harness may also be printed with the saddle if some support material is included under the prongs. If the machine's range is not large enough to print a single saddle, it could be broken somewhere in the middle and bolted directly together.
Proposed concept for Y saddle. The linkage between tracks is a single piece (or two pieces directly bolted together, if necessary). Instead of forcefully pushing the bed on and off when placing and removing, the saddle includes a clamping bearing on a swing arm that is elastically tied down to secure the bed.

Proposed Changes to OHM Components

Open Y Belt Harness

File Name: 8mm_Belt_Harness_1off

  • Extend center prong to make belt attachment easier

Open X Carriage

  • Adjust design of belt clip or add a dedicated belt clip to ease attachment and prevent slipping and detachment