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New Site

The Thames Valley RepRap User Group has moved its website to . The TVRRUG pages on this site are no longer maintained, and probably out of date.

TVRRUG Site Contents :

Introduction to the Thames Valley RepRap User Group

Welcome to the Thames Valley RepRap User Group. We are a group of people who live in the Thames Valley, who are coming together to build RepRap Prusa Mendels. The initial build event is intended to be for about 15 people, with the parts being printed by those within the group that already have RepRaps.

We are fortunate also in having the skills of an electronics expert, which means that some of the design is improved over a standard Prusa. We are in the final stages of finalising the design for our Thames Valley Prusa RepRap and will shortly be ordering the components ready for the next stage - the build process.

If you are interested in joining the group, then your first port of call should be to join the TVRepRapUG mailing list.


Fourth Tuesday of every month, 20:00 (8pm) at:

Upcoming meetings

You can keep track of all our meetings and events on Google Calendar (also available in iCal and XML).

  • Build Group 29th November 2011, 20:00 at Copa Bar - changed from the 22nd as per Google Groups message from Malcolm.

Previous meetings

TVRepRap Communication Channels

Mailing list


#tvrrug on Freenode (or via the web).

IRC Logs

Regular meet-ups on Tuesday evenings, from 20:00 onwards, when more people are likely to be around in the IRC channel.

Scratch space and note-taking

Etherpad page for doing collaborative note-making and document-writing, if we need it.


Hashtag #TVRRUG


Possible Meeting Venues

Locations Map

Google Map for TVRRUG locations

Member locations and other useful venues to help planning events.

  • Red and blue labels represent primary/secondary member locations.
  • Yellow labels represent useful locations such as event venues.