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R_360 Documentation

Official Kits


Replicator warehouse: R-360 Official Kit





Make your own kit

Plastic Parts

You can download the plastic parts fromGithub Complete BOM is available on the github link above


3D Printed Parts

1x Centring Tool
1x Extruder Holder
1x Extruder Holder Extension(Dual head only)
1x Extruder inlet(one is enough, but we recommend to have 3)
1x Extruder large gear
1x Extruder small gear
3x Leveler
1x X-carrige
1x X-end
1x X motor holder
1x Y-axes large gear
1x Y-axes small gear
1x Y-axes support cap
1x Y base
1x Y idler
1x Z-axes base
1x Z-end top
1x Z endstop holder
1x Ramps box Bottom (optional)
1x Ramps box Top (optional)
1x LCD box back (optional)
1x LCD box front (optional)

Laser Cut Parts

1x disc_full-low
1x dixc_full-top


Coming soon!


The development of the R-360 Frimware is based on Marlin and it is hosted on github It is currently in Beta. Please except bugs.