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CAD Models
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This project is about designing up a printable quad-copter. The idea has been proposed in the RepRap "Let´s design sth." forum and is currently picking up speed.

rotor system

Each of the 4 rotor systems on a small quadcopter typically uses the simplest possible rotor system -- a single moving part, with all the blades of the rotor cast out of one solid piece of material, without any hinges or swashplate, and rigidly attached to the main rotor.

Tony at Bits From Bytes has flown a small helicopter with a more complicated semirigid rotor hub. Tony printed (in ABS on a a RapMan printer) many of the parts attaching and hinging the individual rotor blades to the main shaft.[1]

The rotor system -- the parts holding the rotor to the main shaft -- undergo the most stress of any part of a helicopter. Since extruded ABS has been demonstrated to be strong enough for the parts on one rotor hub of a small model helicopter, we expect it to be more than strong enough for the remaining less-stressed parts of a small model helicopter.


A while back I came across some people building quad-copters. I wanted to build one, but decided that other projects needed to come first. Specifically my cnc mill and RepRap. But since my Mendel is getting close to being complete. Is there any interest in a group of people designing up a printable quad-copter?

Josh, quoted by --Sebastien Bailard 08:31, 24 February 2010 (UTC)

Design Notes

My first stab at the design would be very simple and drawing on the STARMAC project. It is basically a frame made from composite tubes which you can purchase, and connected with printed parts. Similar to the way K'NEX work. A quick look on McMaster turned up this carbon fiber tube.

A few of those and some connection pieces and you have a quad-copter frame. Actually you could use the same connectors to build just about anything.

I'm interested in other peoples thoughts, so don't be shy.

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