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By the end of this stage, you will have assembled a thermistor ready for fitting to either the hot end or heated bed

Thermistor assembly


  • Wire strippers/cutters
  • Pliers
  • Heat source (lighter)


An alternative technique to assemble the thermistor is described here:

You will need the following parts (as well as a thermistor)

Begin by stripping about 10mm of PTFE sheathing from the high temperature wire (thin red wire), and slide this over one leg of the thermistor.

Thermistor and sheath

PTFE sheath fitted Next remove the insulation from a ferrule and slide this over the other thermistor leg, level with the 10mm length of PTFE sheathing. Strip one end of the PTFE insulated wire, cut it to 90mm in length, and thread this into the ferrule. Crimp the ferrule leaving a gap of around 1-2mm between it and the glass bead. If the thermistor leg is not gripped enough, wrap it around the crimped ferrule.

Fit another ferrule to the other thermistor leg and attach another length of PTFE insulated wire to this side.

Cover the whole thermistor assembly (bead and ferrules) with a length of PTFE heatshrink. Ensure the glass bead is inside the heatshrink sleeving. Apply some heat (over 300C) by moving the lighter flame from side to side beneath the thermistor assembly until the PTFE heatshrink has tightly gripped all the components.

Using a multimeter, check the resistance of the thermistor reads approximately 100k Ohms. Your thermistor assembly is now ready for use.

Thermistor assembly

Next steps

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