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RepRap Franklin

Release status: Experimental

Description A RepRap emulator in software.
License GPL v 2
Author joehms22
Based-on [[]]
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A RepRap emulator that is written in Python, able to read GCode files, and connect to VirtualBox "serial" ports.

Why use it?

The emulator is easy to set up and run, can be used to test if new programs are sending proper commands to a fake RepRap, before you destroy your own. Multiple firmwares are supported, and more can be easily added, allowing you to test on many different versions without flashing firmware between tests. Plus there is a speed boost as commands can be executed at any speed desired.

The Future

  • Add support for multiple toolheads/toolhead creation.
  • Add more firmwares (Gen5/Full supported now)
  • Add support for actual serial ports.

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