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社区 | Wiki 管理 | 帮助和支持 您可以从这个网页来获取RepRap相关帮助资源。好的,它不是一个真的“常见问题”,但我们正在努力。如果我们在此没有谈到的问题,你可以跟ReRap社区联系。 内容 1.RepRap 用户手册 1.1 版本的帮助 1.2 构件的帮助 1.3 故障排除 1.4 常见的帮助 2 WIKI 帮助 2.1 编缉 2.2 报告一个污损的RepRapWiki网页 3 你如何才能帮助我们

Community | Wiki Administration | Help and support This page is the home of RepRap help resources. Ok, so it's not really a "FAQ" yet, but we are working on it. For issues not covered here you can also try contacting the RepRap community Contents [hide]

1 RepRap User Manual 1.1 Help by Version 1.2 Help by Component 1.3 Troubleshooting 1.4 General Help 2 Wiki Help 2.1 Editing 2.2 Report a defaced RepRapWiki page 3 How you can help us 4 Legal 5 Ideology [edit]RepRap User Manual

[edit]Help by Version Mendel Help Darwin Help [edit]Help by Component Extruder Help Cartesian Bot Help Electronics Help Host Software Help Firmware Help [edit] Troubleshooting category: Troubleshooting Print_Troubleshooting_Pictorial_Guide [edit]General Help General FAQ Q&A FAQ Reference - Our ever growing reference section. List of techniques - Ideas and techniques relating to RepRap and cheap construction techniques in general. Tutorials - Instructional documents - tricks and tips relating to RepRap construction. Comparison of RepRap Toolchains - A comparison of the different software and firmware options available for RepRaps and RepStraps Useful Software Packages - External programs such as CAD that are useful for RepRappers [edit]Wiki Help

[edit] Editing See Help:Editing and Refcard for quick access to a cheatsheet!!. [edit]Report a defaced RepRapWiki page Copy the link to the defaced page from the address bar in your web browser. Visit the reprap IRC channel at, (this will require a temporary login - no email addresses or other hassles). Type something like, "I'd like to report a defaced page at <paste link here>" [edit] How you can help us

Main: RepRapWiki:community portal#Helping out We have many FuturePlans that perhaps you could help us with. More specifically, FutureToolIdeas -- ideas for making tools that work with completely different materials and processes Development Pathway -- ideas for making the tools we have incrementally better WhatWouldYouMake and Wanted Objects -- build better things with those tools MetalicaRap Physicists, Metallurgists, and High Voltage Engineers, Help us print metal, join our Open Design project. If you understand Library science, user interfaces, or WikiGnoming, help us make this wiki better -- some specific suggestions at RepRapWiki:Wiki Administration Programmers: help us improve the host software and embedded firmware. Some specific wishlist items at Ideas to place. ToDoList Help us design a system that is useful for building furniture and other things: RepRap Building System Electronics designers: Alternative electronics Other ways to help RepRap Proposals [edit]Legal

Legal and Licensing Website Terms And Conditions Health and Safety [edit]Ideology

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