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This is a nucleus for collaborative development of open source space tech which can be built using a reprap with the ultimate goal of obtaining asteroid material and converting it to a reprap feedstock.


What is better than a Reprap? A Reprap which can obtain limitless resources and build you a hut in space - secure, obscure and government-free. However, currently space tech is near 100% proprietary and not reprappable. This is obviously very bad and needs to be changed ASAP.

However, in order for real open source development of space tech to start, industry entry cost needs to be lowered in order for people to be able to test their spacetech in real life. This is important. It is not about minimizing operation costs, but about industry entry cost first and foremost.

So, here's the list of priorities that need love to get things started. It is probable that something is already in development, so place the links here if you know something.

Reprappable rocket

Main article: Reprappable rockets

Reusability is desired, but most probably not really achievable any time soon. So the focus is on very, very-very cheap and minimalistic expendable rocket with low-mass payload to LEO. A good model for an open-source replication could be already existing Vector rocket.


Reprappable gyroscope

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Reprappable turbopump

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Reprappable rocket engine

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Reprappable space tracking

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Metal 3d Printer

Reprappable fuel synthesiser

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