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This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

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Reprap running on an android app
CAD Models
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What's Reproid?

Reproid is a combination of software and hardware that is able to allow the reprap to run on its own. sorta. Basically the idea behind it all is having the reprap run on an android app. The only issue with that is not all android enabled devices have a usb input. So, the thought was to have the reprap networked and be able to connect the android app to the networked printer.

Things to over come

  • Development of the app.

This doesn't see like it would be to big of a challenge. Considering android apps run off java. One thing that might seem to be an issue is version control. If the app is developed for the current android release, it seems it might have compatibility issues with older versions. If there's an update in the host software an app update would follow as well.

    • The user interface will be different of course.
    • The method of loading the stl files may be something to over come, possibly with sd card?
  • Networking the reprap.
  • Updating Firmware with wireless connection


  • Android Based Smartphone / Netbook
  • Network Controller
  • Some more


  • Android app
  • Fireware Network Controller
  • Some more

Have to have some sort of update firmware inside the app. Possibly be able to edit, save, compile firmware inside the app.

This is where I'm at right now in my thoughts. More to come as I expand my mind.

SUGGESTION: App Store for reprap? where you can browse for printable objects? Hopefully all open sourced. --Uhmaster2000 03:19, 29 September 2010 (UTC)

Android-Arduino connection

  • Makerdroid converts STL files to GCode on the Android device, saves them to a SD card, then a human pulls the SD card from the Android device and plugs it into the Arduino to print.
  • GCodePrintr (Android) works on a few Android devices that have USB host capability with a USB-OTG cable (and pretty much any Arduino RepRap controller).
  • The "IOIO-OTG" and the Android Accessory Development Kit are two of the few Arduinos with a "host" USB port, so it can communicate with an Android device over a USB cable when the Android device is (as usual) a "peripheral". (Has anyone used either one with a RepRap ?)

Practically all Arduinos and practically all Android devices can be connected to a USB cable. Unfortunately, a simple USB cable between them generally doesn't work -- USB requires a "host" at one end of the cable and a "peripheral" at the other end of the cable. A "peripheral-peripheral" connection doesn't work, which is what you get with the most Arduinos and Android devices.