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Release status: experimental

Rostock-Montpellier prototype 1.jpg
Rostock-Montpellier is a portable delta robot 3D printer.
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The Rostock-Montpellier is a delta 3D printer based on the Rostock mini. It is focused to print as fast as possible and sustain it for a couple of hour.

Design goals

Target setting to print a bunch of parts quickly.

  • Acceleration : 10G
  • Speed, Travel : over 1000mm/s
  • Volume : Ø170x170

Actual settings

  • Accleration, XY : 4G (39224mm/s²)
  • Accleration, Z  : 1G (9806mm/²)
  • Speed, travel : 800 mm/s

Performed settings

Setting used with the latest prototype during "Les 24h de l'imprimante 3D" show at Montpellier in June.

  • Accleration, XY : 2G (19613mm/s²)
  • Accleration, Z  : 1G (9806mm/²)
  • Speed, travel : 700 mm/s
  • Speed, infill : 160mm/s
  • Speed, perimeter : 120mm/s
  • Speed, external perimeter : 70mm/s
  • Layer : 120µm
  • Volume : Ø170x127mm

Prototype design

To accelerate the Rostock and get high speed without replacing motors by expensive one, according the Newton's 2nd Law there is 2 things to do :

  • The parts in movement have to be lighten. If the mass is divided by two, the acceleration can be multiplied by 2.
  • The frictions have to be reduced, less force to move, more accleration.

The platform and the carriage has been redesigned in a way that an existing Rostock can be updated with the Rostock-Montpellier parts.

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