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Rumba32 32bit Board

Release status: working

Rumba32 32bit Board für Marlin V2.0


  • Input Voltage (Recommended): 12-24V
  • Input Voltage (Limits): 6-35V
  • Stepper Drivers: 6 (Socketed StepStick with SPI support)
  • MOSFET Outputs: 6
  • Maximum Bed Current: 20A
  • Maximum Heater Current: 5A
  • Thermistor Connections: 5
  • Endstop Connections: 6
  • Quality, high powered MOSFET
  • 4 layer board with single side component placement

PCB design




RUMBA32 is a brand new control board from Aus3D! We are confident in the hardware and have been using it internally for many months now, and believe it is ready for release into the world. However, RUMBA32 relies on Marlin 2.0's 32-bit support, which is rapidly evolving, so documentation and configuration settings may be subject to change. Please make sure you are comfortable following the instructions in our getting started guide before purchasing RUMBA32.

We love our RUMBA+ boards! They're great - plenty of stepper drivers, heater/fan channels to spare, and they're built like a tank. Their biggest weakness? Like most other printer control boards, they're 8-bit. Built around the same ATmega2560 that powers RAMPS, there are limits to what they can do and how quickly they can do it. These limits are a function of the CPU speed (16MHz) and the available memory (256K flash, 8K SRAM) of the ATmega2560. These specifications limit how many features you can enable, and how quickly you can run your printer - but now, RUMBA32 is here to erase those limits!

We've taken the tried and tested hardware design that is RUMBA+ and upgraded it with a new processor: an STM32F446. Boasting a 180MHz clock rate, 512Kb of flash memory, and 128Kb of SRAM, all built on a high-performance ARM architecture. RUMBA32 isn't just a little bit faster than RUMBA+ - it's an order of magnitude faster. If you're after a control board that will be set to handle cutting-edge firmware features now and into the future, RUMBA32 has you covered.

We'll say it again - RUMBA+ is a tank. It's sturdy and capable, and because firmware support is so mature, it's always dependable. Now, we've taken that tank and strapped a jet engine to it - and we think you'll like the result.

RUMBA32 is a 32-bit control board that doesn't force you to change your whole printer to suit it. Like RUMBA+ and RAMPS, it supports common character and graphical LCDs. RUMBA32 supports standard stepper drivers, like the A4988, DRV8825, and so on, but it also features added SPI driver support: just change the jumpers underneath any driver and you can use SPI-based stepper drivers, like the TMC2130 - no extra wiring required! RUMBA32 is a 32-bit control board that runs Marlin 2.0 - so if you're looking for a performance upgrade that will feel comfortable and familiar, RUMBA32 is it.

Design Images


Pin Out Image


Board Image

Rumba32-1.jpg Rumba32-2.jpg Rumba32-3.jpg Rumba32-4.jpg Rumba32-5.jpg Rumba32-6.jpg Rumba32-7.jpg


RUMBA32 is fully open source, and may be freely modified or changed by anyone, provided they maintain the license it is released under. The design is free to use for any purpose, including commercial uses. RUMBA32 maintains the GPLv2 license of the original RUMBA board. For more information on this license, please see the included license file.

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