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Release status: concept

Description Electronics based on a Sanguino and Toshiba TB6560AHQ Drivers
License Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0
Author Clarky
Based-on Sanguino
Categories Electronics, Mendel Development
CAD Models Eagle
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This is the first version of the wiki page, it will be updated with more information soon. This board has not been built yet, but will be built in the coming days.


15mmx5mm SPST Momentary Tactile SwitchS1
11N4004 DO41D1
225A Screw Terminal1X2-25A-TERMINALJ1, J2
131x2 Pin HeaderJP1, JP2, JP8, JP10, JP11, JP15, JP16, JP18, JP23, JP24, JP25, JP27, JP29
31x3 Pin HeaderJP30, JP32, JP33
61X4 Pin HeaderJP7, JP9, JP12, JP13, JP26, JP31
11X6 Pin HeaderJP21
42x2 Pin HeaderJP5, JP6, JP19, JP22
12x3 Pin HeaderJP28
42x4 Pin HeaderJP3, JP4, JP17, JP20
12x5 Pin HeaderJP14
33mm LEDLED1, LED2, LED3
240.5ResistorR3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R27, R29, R32, R33
32 ohmResistorR1, R2, R18
2560 ohmResistorR10, R17
24.7kResistorR30, R31
222pFCeramic CapacitorC16, C21
4100pFCeramic CapacitorC11, C12, C24, C27
180.1uFCeramic CapacitorC1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C8, C10, C13, C14, C15, C17, C18, C19, C20, C22, C23, C25
210uFElectrolytic CapacitorC26, C28
2100uFElectrolytic CapcitorC7, C9
1100uHAxial InductorL1
17805TV5V Regulator, TO220IC1
1ATMEGA644P-20PU (644PA also acceptable)ATMEGA644P-20PUIC2
3NTD4963-35GMOSFETQ1, Q2, Q3
4TB6560AHQTB6560AHQU$1, U$2, U$3, U$4

EAGLE files

Files will be coming soon, they need some polishing before they're ready for release. In the mean time, here's the board and schematic as images.

SanguinoshibaSchematic.jpg SanguinoshibaBoard.png

Assembly Instructions

Coming soon


Coming soon