Scanning Spindle

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Scanning Spindle

Release status: concept

Description Scanning Spindle
License GPL
Author tbuser
Based-on Mendel
Categories 3D scanning
CAD Models none
External Link none


Filament spindle base assembled.jpg

Just an idea that has been rolling around in my head at this point... basically the idea is to use a Wade's Extruder-like mechanism and attach it to the base of a Filament Spindle that I'm building to turn it into a printable turntable for 3D Scanning using SplineScan. The stepper would use the gears from a Wade extruder to do very slow turns. Would be connected and controlled from RepRap firmware as if it were another extruder. Possibly use a MAX endstop port for calibrating position. Half of a Filament Spindle would make a perfect base and provide a vertical pole to mount laser line and webcam.

Hmm, a rotating Filament Spindle might also be handy for wrapping filament...

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