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Very Messy Example and Columbus 
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Example Development

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documenting a generic tool/artpiece
CAD Models
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Files (Coming Soon!!!)

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My chunky T-Slot Bot with Ballscrews called Screwball-Bot.

It's designed to use as many off the shelf components as possible and any parts that need to be made are possible with simple tools and are mainly non-critical to the end quality or ability of the machine.

It's not as expensive as it may look to do this so don't discount it out of your budget until you have read more below -

The 'working' Screwball-Bot - May 2011 (It will never be defined as 'completed')

I need to work out how to add images to this page, hopefully this will show the columbus image below?

COL-TEST-104 Front View, some components removed for clarity.


After my first Repstrap (not documented sadly) in the summer of 2010 I decided to make a new machine based on T-Slot MCS Aluminium Extrusion –

Project goals

The original design aims for Screwball-Bot were defined in Jan2011, being 20 goals -

  1. Faster print speed - (This is my main driving factor after having a slow Repstrap for 6 months)
  2. Change to Ballscrews on X and Y Axis (not sure about Z at the moment)
  3. Revised Electronics (Mega based - and RAMPS based)
  4. Integral Electronics Tray and wiring with reliable connectors.
  5. Change from a fixed to Moving Y bed and print platform.
  6. Remove the Gantry head arrangement for the Z axis - Need to think of a simple way to do this...
  7. Simplify the Z axis by using dual Nema 17 motors (I may regret that decision...).
  8. Increase build-area to 300mm x 450mm x 300mm (Y being easily changed from 100mm upwards)
  9. Have easy-fit/remove build platform at different sizes and thickness
  10. Vertical mount Extruders
  11. Dual Extruder ends with remote mounts for Bowden mounted extruders
  12. Switch to Herringbone Extruder Gears
  13. Filament coil store and supply feed for 2 reels built into the machine
  14. Heated bed
  15. Resistor block Hot-ends
  16. Multiple Thermistors / readings
  17. Use as many off-the-shelf components as possible
  18. Use the off-the-shelf parts to maintain quality and accuracy in the design
  19. Do the minimum amount of machining as possible
  20. Where I need to do machining then it needs to be non-critical or easily adjusted to retain quality

I also want the ability to add Paste extruders and all sorts of other things, so the mounting and exchange should be as easy as possible with minimum (no) re-calibration required.

And 1.75mm Filament was getting more available and clearly making a difference, so using that was another project goal.

Bill of Materials/Parts List

Parts used – ready made / off the shelf

  1. MCS Aluminium Extrusion -
  2. part
  3. part

Parts home-made - for the machine build

  1. part
  2. part
  3. part

Parts used – ready made / off the shelf Parts used – ready made / off the shelf

Mechanical Assembly


(Remember to add links to RAMPS, steppers and the MEGA) Design Manufacture Assembly Testing

Initial tool-chain software and firmware

Problems encountered with Screwball-Bot

Time taken


Performance, quality and calibration

What I would do different next time (yes, there will be another one)

More Examples