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Release status: Kinda Working

Author nicholas.seward
Based-on delta
CAD Models
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Disclaimer: This printer is very precise but not the most accurate. There isn't a full featured firmware that will let you do bed leveling and autocalibration. Assembly is also a trick. You have been warned.

Simpson refers to a whole category of 3D robots. THOR (THe ORiginal) Simpson built in 2013 by Nicholas Seward in Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA. The Simpson name comes from George Gaylord Simpson who came up with the idea of Quantum Evolution, the theory that evolution can happen in abrupt burst just like the Simpson robots. Simpson robots are characterized by a delta infrastructure with only simple revolute joints. GUS Simpson and LISA Simpson are the current models.

A GUS Simpson, printing a part of itself

Typical Characteristics

  • No spherical joints
  • Delta arrangement
  • High level of symmetry
  • Minimizes number of components

As a new category of printers it will be awhile until we know exactly what is and what isn't a Simpson.



Early Prototype

First THOR Simpson Print Ever

Bed Leveling for the Win

First GUS Simpson Print

First Moves of LISA Simpson

First Moves of LISA Simpson

Solidus Labs Dogleg grounded delta robot (GDR) 3D Printer

Future Developments

  • Six Arm Simpson: A 6 DOF robot.
  • BOB Simpson: A BOltless and Bearingless Simpson.