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Release status: experimental

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Description Printable knitting machines
License GPL v3
Author timschmidt
Based-on Delta
Categories 3D models
CAD Models
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The Skeinosaur project aims to develop several printable automated knitting machines.

Code hosting:

Mailing list:

IRC: #skeinosaur on

Apatosaurus: a linear skeinosaur

Inspiration drawn from videos here and here.

Brontoraptor: a circular skeinosaur

Inspiration drawn from this video.

note: a circular skeinosaur will be great for tubular fabrics (socks, scarfs, etc), but may also be used to create flat sheets - by always stopping and reversing direction at a given needle.

Brontoraptor Walnut-brain: a simplified brontoraptor intended for hand-crank operation

Knitting Machine Needles

Brother KH820 to KH970, CK35


Length: 137.3mm
Width: 1.25mm
Shank height: 1.8mm
Stem height: 17mm
Stem offset from hook: 80mm
Stem width: 3.7mm