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SmartOne 150

Release status: experimental

Description Based on Prime Line rollers.
License CC-BY-NC-SA
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Printer size: 340mm x 340mm x 380mm (13"x13"x15"). Printing Envelop: 150mm x 150mm x 180mm (6"x6"x7"). Material: PLA 1.75mm (optional heatbed) Nozzle: 0.35mm

Design Goals

  • High accuracy linear motion.
  • Low cost of build.
  • All printable components have purchasable off-the-shelf counterparts
  • Easy to source components.
  • High speed print.
  • Quiet Operations.


We plan to sell complete kit for ???

Component Sourcing

Aluminum Extrusion: Misumi

  • HFS3-1515-330 - 4
  • HFS3-1515-300 - 12


HomeDepot or Lowes

  • Prime Line Nylon Oval Edge Rollers (M-6151 - pack of 4).

We will stock all parts to help others here:


X Axis 1.jpg

X Axis 2.jpg


Y Axis 1.jpg

Y Axis 2.jpg

Y Axis 3.jpg


Printable Components

Printable components.

A number of SmartOne 150 components was 3D printed to reduce build costs.


We mounted electronics on left front corner.

Almost all RepRap electronics such can be used to control the SmartOne. Electronics confirmed to be working include RUMBA, Printrboard, GEN7, RAMPS, and Rambo.

RAMPs mounting plate included in plastic parts.

Power Supply:

For power supply we use modified X Box 360 power supply as it shows bellow:

SO150 Power Supply 1.jpg

SO150 Power Supply 2.jpg

SO150 Power Supply 3.jpg