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Where to Buy, v2

User: jobo, is developing a modified Snappy, the [Joystick&Pen], to be controlled by joystick, and with a pen for drawing, for 350 euros. Christmas delivery planned. Suitable for age 3 to 103. Cheap, small motors. No hot end- a marker pen is used for scribbles and svg vector graphics can be converted to gcode. Custom modified SinapTec electronics will host a CHIP Pro controller, 1Ghz ARM processor with USB mouse/joystick/gamepad/usb drawing pad/... for control, and an onboard webserver to interact with PC, and your programs for vector graphics like inkscape, tuxpaint and tuxdraw etc. Open_source_hardware everywhere! Contact Jobo at [user talk] or email at taosubmarines at


The links and information below may fall out of date. The most up-to-date development information can be found at the project's GitHub site:

Required Tools

You will need the following tools to assemble this printer.

Qty Description
1 Multimeter for checking wiring.
1 Soldering iron.
1 Small rubber mallet to help convince some parts to join.
1 Mineral oil for lubrication.
1 Fine grit sandpaper to clean up the rails.
1 Optional cyanoacrylate glue. (super-glue)


You'll need controller electronics to drive the Snappy. Here's what I recommend. Prices given are based on what I found on Amazon with a cursory search. All parts found had free shipping options. All costs are in US Dollars.

Qty Description Total Cost (US$) Where Found
1 Power Supply, 120W. (300W w/ Heated Bed) 20
1 Controller electronics. (RAMPS1.4+2560+Pololus) 45
3 Mechanical microswitch end-stops and wiring. 5
5 NEMA17 Stepper Motors, 40mm length, 1m cable 65
1 J-Head Extruder hot end w/heater, thermistor. 32
2 40mm 12v 2-pin cooling fan, 10mm thick. 4
1m Wire, dual conductor, 22 gauge, stranded 1
1 Heated Build Platform. (optional) 9


You'll need the following Hardware to build the cartesian frame:

Qty Description Total Cost (US$) Where Found
2.4Kg Plastic Filament. (@ $30/Kg) 72
2 ACME threaded rod, 3/8"-8 x 12" 18
1 Extruder Drive Gear 4
1 686 bearing. 1
1 Borosilicate glass build platform. (213x200mm) 22
4 Mini binder clips. 3

Total Cost

Not counting shipping costs, time, and labor.

  • ~$292 without Heated Bed.
  • ~$310 with Heated Bed.

Printed Parts

All parts should be printable inside a 150mm x 135mm x 110mm build volume. The sled end-cap part, which is longer than 150mm, can be printed diagonally.

Recommended slicer settings:

  • 3 perimeters layers
  • 3 top and bottom layers
  • 0.3 or smaller layer height
  • 20% or better infill
  • grid/rectangular infill
  • No support necessary
  • No Raft or brim necessary

You will need to print out the following parts:

Qty Name Download
1 Slop Calibrator download
2 Rail X-Y Motor Segment download
1 Drive Gears download
4 Motor Mount Plates download
10 Rail Segment download
4 X-Y Slider Sled download
2 X-Y Joiner download
2 Sled Endcap download
1 Platform Supports download
2 Rail Y Endcap download
2 Y-Z Bottom Joiner download
4 Support Legs download
2 Rail Z Motor Segment download
2 Lifter Rod Coupler download
2 Lifter Lock Nut download
2 Z Slider Sled download
1 J-Head Extruder Platform download
1 Extruder Motor Clip download
1 Extruder Idler & Latch download
1 Extruder Fan Shroud download
1 Extruder Fan Clip download
1 Cooling Fan Shroud download
1 Rail Z Endcap download
1 Spool Holder download
2 Cable Chain Links download
1 Cable-Chain Mounts download

And one of the following motherboard mounts, depending on which electronics you use:

Qty Description Download
1 RAMPS MotherBoard Mount download
1 RAMBo MotherBoard Mount download

So, overall, about 160+ hours of printing.