SpreadSheet Leveling (SSL) for Delta Printer

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SSL Example 1
SSL Example 2
Indicating Caliper


SpreadSheet Leveling is a manual method to level (calibrate the height differences) of a print bed in a delta printer using an interactive spreadsheet and a Vernier caliper or dial indicator instead making mechanical adjustments to the bed.


  • Using a Delta Printer
  • The Linear System is orthogonal to the Base Box
  • The Linear System is placed 120° to each other
  • The Bed is mounted parallel to the Base Box
  • The Bed has a high stiffness. E.g. it is a mirror or has a glass plate on top
  • Using a Firmware which has settings for "Endstop Offset" like Repetier-Firmware or Marlin


The spreadsheet guides you through the following steps (overview):

  • Readout EEPROM from firmware and type in
  • Move the effector to 4 measurement positions, using a Vernier caliper or dial indicator to measure effector height and type in
  • (Calculation)
  • Put calculated values back into EEPROM
  • Verify


Download Spreadsheet File:Delta Printer Spread Sheet Leveling.ods

Tested with Repetier-Firmware and Repetier-Host. The bed was leveled in less than 10 minutes.