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Stepper Driver With UDN2559

As the ULN2803 is in the "last orders" phase, alternative designs are being made. Here is a version of the stepper motor controller board that uses the UDN2559 or UDK2559 driver chip from Allegro.

Note that the UDN2559 must be soldered to the board for its internal heat sink and wide legs to effectively dissipate heat when being run close to the limit of 700mA.

The PIC, on the other hand, needs to be socketed as we're sure to change the firmware at inconvenient intervals.

  • Schematic of 2559-based stepper driver.:
  • Top view of 2559 Stepper Motor on Stripboard:
StepperDriverWithUDN2559-2559 Stepper Stripboard top.png

-- Main.VikOlliver - 26 Feb 2006