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Hello, This page might see better results if the name was changed to Machine embroidery, due to the nature of reprap with a moving platform/toolhead, and the fact that a basic sewing machine moves the fabric via a feed mechanism instead of moving the full material. I am interested in adding to this page as well, or helping with design ideas, since it is a topic that interests me, and having visted several business's that do embroidery.

I have started working on an initial design here:

Proposed Items to add/changes to page: Page Name Change to Machine Embroidery or something of the like.

 Design Consideration
*Commercial Embroidery machines have a 2 directional moving platform(like a maker bot).
*Needle moves at 1000+ reciprocations per a min range.
*Needle and the Bobbin need to be exactly timed to eachother(ussally mechanically timed).
*ANY misses might result in needle breakage.
*Needle types and life expectancies.
*Thread Tension.
*Multiple colours means multiple/swapable toolheads.
*Having a Pause feature is almost a must with embroidery. Same with Reverse a few stiches.
*Thread Types/Weight and Fabric Type/Weight.
*Backing Material.
*Stiche types to be made
*Square areas are usally harder to embroider with

Ideas It may be easier to integrate a preassembled sewing machine into a reprap. Making a false table work with or a way to suspend the Embroidery Hoop above. So that both axis's may be effective on a standard reprap

The bobbin and needle motors could be linked in the same way that the dual Z-axis steppers on the Prusa are done, both wired to the same inputs. You use more motors but it gives you more flexibility since you don't have to work around a mechanical linkage.