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I have yet to try using a Bowden-type extruder on my P3Steel (will do so as soon as I receive the parts I ordered to experiment with this) but I am thinking that although the idea is quite good in theory specially when considering dual or triple extruder assemblies, it's really the implementation part that bites. Two things that should be better explained in this page, imho:

  1. The hysteresis issue is a lot more serious than explained in the page. So, first and obvious, you just cannot use any flexible filament with a Bowden-type extruder. And second, it makes quick, small filament retraction much less effective than with a normal direct-drive extruder. In other words, expect a lot more issues with oozing if you are using a Bowden-type extruder.
  2. Many Reprap designs are simply not created with a Bowden-type extruder in mind and there is simply no designated place to put the remote extruder mechanism and route the PTFE tube (for example in my P3Steel), it's up to each builder to find a solution for this. That makes the whole concept highly experimental with no standard, tested, proven and optimized design to show for, more than five years after it was first proposed.

Finally, and I am not trying to sound negative but it seems that this too is not made clear enough in the page: if the concept was imagined and pioneered by Ed Sells more than five years ago, why is the page titled "Erik's Bowden Extruder" and not simply "Bowden Extruder"?

--AndrewBCN (talk) 21:45, 28 December 2014 (PST)

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