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I have just assembled the NEW Metal frame HICTOP 3d printer ordered from Amazon.

The kit still had the screws required for the acrylic frame and bed support. Several of the screws were to long to tighten properly.

1. Specifically the ones (4MX12) that hold the bed plate to the "Y" radial bearings, were too long and bottomed out approx. 2 or 3 mm to long. 4MX8 were provided for the "X" axis radial bearings and worked properly.

2. The screw that held the Y axis limit switch was long enough to causing the possibility shorting the contacts of the switch.

Other issues: Power Supply was DOA, waiting a replacement from China, 2 weeks now and counting. No instruction on the height of nozzle in relation to the blower plenum. The set screw that holds the nozzle in the alum. block is to long and prevents a flush contact with the heat sink. I do not know it this is a major concern, I have not changed the set screw. A 3MX25 bed leveling screw was damaged and the nut would not thread on. (A small problem, but no replacements are locally available.)

I have used printer using a battery, and Blue Painters tape on bed. With good results!

Summary: A new kit included items missing is a normal problems, biggest problem is the time required to get replacement parts.