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Heated Bed Theory comments


As I was working on a new bed design I noticed a small discrepancy between the board shown in the picture and the math behind it.

I based myself on the equations included on the entry when I found this out:

This is based on the equations available on the page, more specifically, <math>n_{tr}= \frac{W_b}{W_{tr}+W_i} \\ \\</math>

When using this formula I ended up having n horizontal tracks+ 1 residual vertical track (I tested this by programmatically generating my tracks in eagle) as opposed to exactly n tracks; In order to solve this I had to change the formula to the following: <math>n_{tr}= \frac{W_b}{W_{tr}+W_i} +1</math>

The reasoning behind it came from working it from the Wb side when I as trying to figure out why I was having this issue:

<math>\\ \\ W_b=n_{tr}(W_{tr}+W_i)-(W_{tr}+W_i) \\ W_b=(n_{tr}-1)(W_{tr}+W_i) \\ \frac{W_b}{W_{tr}+W_i}=n_{tr}-1 \\ \frac{W_b}{W_{tr}+W_i}+1=n_{tr} \\ \\</math>

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