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Hello Sebastian

I seem to sense that you like informal jargon and humor, as pretty much the only thing you seemed to like was the corny joke about the pokemon cards. I put it there because i have witnessed too many people get knee jerk reactions at the mention of comunication outside their peering eyes.

Personally i think that the description you gave of the mailing list is, uhm... this is not to offend you, rember, it's just my personal view, so here goes: i think it is a bad joke with next to no real information. It sounds to me like you wanted a catchy slogan for it or something. Thats all fine and stuff, but really, it doesn't help new users who are not old rats in FLOSS circles the slightest. I will include this "branding" of the list, but unless you pull rank, the describtion stays (in some form or other - the slogan alone is just not enough)

About the "do we have an official version".. yes "we" do.. RepRap 2.0 is out, and despite, say, Prusa is running his own feature branch, that is not what is documented as the current reprap. The Prusa Mendel is a deriative that lives on github, it is not the upstream published RepRap 2.0 codename Mendel.

I will give this whole thing another go and see what i can do... In future insidents, could we use the discussion page instead of the actual article?

I cant get rid of the word user.. users of mailing lists can be developers all they want. Unless they are developers of gnu listman or majordomo or some such, it just sounds stupid to say "developers of the list" when it should say "users of the list" ;-)

trying to get it into "people using the list" or "developers using the list" makes it convulted. no go, you get all the other stuff, but the word users stay.

Last but not least, i only have your word for what -admin is for, so i will simply quote you, as i feel that is the only way i can stay true to word "documentation"

Have a nice day! :-)