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Want to share an idea that is not mine on a multiextruder for different, materials, colors ecc.

I've talk to a worker in an alluminium factory and he sayed that when they put a layer of color on the surface of alluminium they first prepare calibrated cips of pre mixed material to lay on the pieces of alluminium and then use the makine that put them down on pieces.

So he think that also in reprap we can separate mixing phase with extrusion phase. First have a machine that create a multicolor, multimaterial filament, and then give it to the standard reprap with a standard extruder.


  • use standard, low price, extruder with already working tecnology
  • make easy use wasted material
  • use material fn every shape and not only filament so we can avoid buying coils of filament buy materials in pellets is cheaper then in filament
  • no problems of dimension, limited number of filaments, ecc in mixing phase
  • possibility to choose filament diameter
  • tecnology partialy already present


  • more energy use to hit, cool material a first time for filament and a second time for extrusion
  • risk of systematic error if machine is slower or faster then calculated in introducing rainbow filament or if the filament isn't perfect (need of optic sensor)
  • not fast to start printing because first need to produce filament if we will not be able to produce filament and give it live to the printer


  • if 2 material aren't mixable mix them is a problem in every case