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Wow, I looked over your parts list and this seems pretty complete for ~$253. It's amazing how cheap you guys have managed to do this, however unfortunate it is that it would not be easy to reproduce, it certainly shows how with the right amount of rummaging around ebay you can get away with paying 1/3rd the price. Interesting project - best of luck!

--TheOtherRob 20:35, 7 April 2010 (UTC)

Thanks! Yeah, we were intending to lower the price further by using a bunch of steppers we salvaged from random junk, but they were not particurally strong or accurate. Redesigning the mounts for them would also have been a royal pain -- which I may have to do anyway because our belt pulleys are of larger diameter than the original ones. Maybe I should make a parametric cupcake.

--Ben.Rockhold, 9 May 2010