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The dual sided y axis is something That I am thinking about doing too, is first rough idea I had for one but conversation in the irc leads me to believe the math/ programming for it might be fairly complicated if printing different parts. Would like to keep this thought going though.

--Dfk20012002 08:18, 11 November 2011 (UTC)

Nice dual sided y axis. Most other RepRaps are boring. (I hope you have success.) But this is one of the ugliest frames ever! I doubt this frame is rigid and it looks expensive too. Did you buy 1000 parts storage bins!? Please consider a redesign. Why no ground plate?

On a second glance i recommend 16mm rods for the heated bed axis.


Hi :)

Heads wont be working at same time, but intermitent. Yes the programming of the 2 axis is complicated as the firmware has to maintain a head position count to be able to home one head, then to know where to put the second head. First second head i want to try is a light routing tool for pcbs, so i wont really need it to work together at first. In the end i think i will settle for a different extruder, in nozzle size or filament diameter or both. A further thought is to use a finer one for perimeter and a very large one for infills. Or just different colors. Also there is somewhere a inkjet cartridge addon for arduino and someone had an ideea to print a layer, then drop ink on it, etc, sort of to see how it can work in couloring prints. That is also a thought but rather distant atm.

Yup the frame looks ugly, but i find it fairly rigid - as much as m8 threads can get with plastic brackets. Not really expensive, just to print quite some more clamps and the M8 threads at meter are really cheap and M4 screws and rest. The smooth rods prices will be more than 10 frames tho. It is probably at half of components right now, and i barely can lift it with 1 hand, so when it will be finished probably i will need help to move it around lol. Especially i plan after i get the inside chamber done, i will also box the rest up in 16mm mdf or more maybe. So will take at least 2 ppls to lift it up haha. Started with a very different idea than i have right now. I dont think 16mm on y would help much, because it sits on 8mm threads at ends, and those have their toll. Cba to redesign this either, right now, but if you want some small changes i can do that instead. After this is finished, next year i will make a different one. Either a simple router in gantry style, either a similar platform with a craned style extruder so i can have the filament feed horizontal sort of speaking and can make a chamber near the printer instead of inside it. Not really clear to me but will think more when i get to it.

Well, i am far from finished atm, and as its december now i stopped untill after the hollidays so will continue in january or february or so. Next will be working on Y, and when that is done it will be then electronics, then inner heated chamber then pretty much boxing things up. However i am extremelly slow and dont have much time for projects, so this will take quite a long while, a few months time next year at most optimistic case. If any1 else is crazy enough to try to make a similar thing, let me know and we could work together, perhaps things would move faster then.

For the time being, merry x-mas everyone.

--Noobman - 18 Dec 2011.